Chasing the Mission

The marathon begins...


A Revolution Might be the Solution

This post is in response to a conversation with a friend who has struggled with the church seeming emasculated and impotent in today's culture. He feels like his way of life is under attack.

How can Christians change the world when we don't even like the people in our church that we claim are our best friends? We profess Christianity but live no differently than the world does. We can "share our faith" with everyone, but unless they see something different in our lives we are fooling ourselves to think we can make a difference. It is time for a revolution.

Jesus said: A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another (John 13.34, 35)." Do we LIVE this? If we do not, are we willing to look at why not? Are we willing to change how we live, making the choice to love? It is time for a revolution.

*Caution: Generalization Ahead* Modern, American Christians are willing to point out the problems outside the church (not the building, but the relationship with fellow believers - the Body of Christ Universal), but are unwilling to, or unable to look at the lack of true relationship within the church. Church has become a "country club" with pastors being "chaplains" who say things the members want to hear, afraid to say something that will challenge the people to love - out of fear for his/her paycheck. Love is not the emotion, it is the choice to daily lay down our lives for those around us, seeking God's best for them at our own expense. Are you ready for a revolution?Let the revolution begin...

We can go out, angry at the way the world is treating the church/christians/christianity, or we can choose to accept the responsibility that the issues with the church begin with issues in ourselves and choose to be different. Ask God to change our heart towards those around us. This is the revolution.

Jesus told us how, He showed us how by living out the how. Love. As simple as it sounds, the only hope I can see in this downward spiraling world is the followers of Jesus following Jesus' example of love and righteousness - not man's righteousness, but God's. Yes, Jesus flipped over the tables and threw out the money changers in the temple - but why? Again the answer is love. He saw the injustice of what was happening in the "house of God" and addressed it. Maybe this is where we start too... the old saying that "charity begins at home" may need to be updated - Revolution begins at home.

A simple prayer: Jesus, let the revolution begin with me. Today I choose to follow Your pattern to change the world by loving those close to me and that love being the catalyst for revolution in those around me. Amen.